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      8 Ways Business Intelligence Improves Customer Experience

      BI in customer experience is about removing the guesswork. It’s about using the data you already have, or can start generating quickly, to inform meaningful change for your customers. With that in mind, let’s take a look at why you should use business intelligence in customer experience.

      What is Business Intelligence?

      Business intelligence leverages software and services to raw data into actionable insights that drive business decisions. Today, companies are creating more data than ever before. In fact, it’s predicted that we will make more data in the next three years than we have in the last 30 years. This staggering statistic goes to show just how much data we are making every single day. There’s something to be learned from almost all data we collect, whether that’s insights into customer behavior or business productivity and inefficiency.

      8 Ways Business Intelligence Improves Customer Experience

      1.  Visualization

      Humans are inherently visual creatures and being able to “see” something just helps it click for us in a way that our other senses just can’t compete with. Businesses generate truly staggering amounts of customer data, and much of this can be used to inform decisions about customer experience. Customer experience data types that forward-thinking companies collect like Customer satisfaction scores, Customer surveys, and Social listening

      Sometimes we need to see this data in a visual format to truly understand it. Just have numbers on a page often isn’t enough. With BI software, you can use dashboards and create intelligent reports that bring the most critical data to the front. Just a quick glance at the dashboard can remind you of what you need to focus on and how to get there.

      2.  Creating a Data-Driven Culture

      By focusing on business intelligence in your customer experience function, you can create a broader appreciation of BI across the business. Business Intelligence has been shown to boost company success, and if you are using it to boost success in customer experience, you’ll have key data you can show senior employees on how successful the project has been.

      Companies that have a more data-driven mindset overall are more successful. Again, this is about removing the guesswork. It’s about putting you on a path lead by evidence and one you can be confident is going to give you results. Every team benefit from this.

      3.  Smash Sales and Marketing Goals

      One of the key benefits of improving customer experience is that you see increased sales. When customers are happier, they spend more money on each purchase and also buy from your company more frequently. If that’s not enough, then consider that they also tell their friends and family about their experience and drive more customers to your business. The foundation of great customer experience is fostering loyalty. Your loyal customers spend a lot of money on your products, and they become your brand promoters.

      Every company has their own sales and marketing goals, and often these goals can feel overwhelming to staff. It’s one thing to say, “you need to get X amount of sales this quarter.” But putting that into action is a different thing entirely. With BI software, you can see exactly what parts of your marketing are successful and which are not. You can focus more time, attention, and resources into marketing campaigns that are proven to be effective and boost your sales without doing much extra work. It’s a no brainer.

      4.  Get a Deeper Understanding of Your Customers

      When you start working with BI solutions and become deliberate about collecting customer data, you start to understand your customers. Many companies think they understand their customers, but in reality, they don’t. It’s only by spotting patterns that you find things you would never have figured out by yourself.

      It’s essential that you work hard to understand your customers on a deeper level because we can guarantee that your competitors are. When you understand what your customers like, feel, and want, you can start to deliver the services that exceed their expectations. However, you could be in trouble if your competitors get there first.

      The world today is different from a decade ago or two decades ago. It’s fiercely competitive for businesses out there, but just trying to sell harder is no longer an option. Consumers today are more resistant to being sold to. They hate a hard sell; they hate being pitched to. They just want to see the value in your products through the experiences of people like them. This is why reviews and word of mouth marketing are still such an essential part of business in 2020. Without having the option of calling your customers up repeatedly to try and sell to them, you need to find other ways to bring them to your company.

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