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      Delivering innovative technical solutions for business requirements and data integrations.

      Master Data Management

      A single “version of the truth” everywhere - Unleash the potential of data, applications, and processes to drive business value with GTT Master Data Management Platform. Deliver a single “version of the truth” of your master data across cloud, big data and mobile applications with a single, unified platform. Self-Service and Collaborative Governance. Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Governance, Reference Data and others reside on the common MDM platform, integration is ready to go - reducing risk, implementation time, and total cost of ownership.

      Reference Data Management

      GTT Reference Data helps data citizens understand and use reference data, its hierarchies, and any crosswalks mapping one code to another. With a common understanding of how data is organized, classified, and connected, data users can confidently reconcile data across operational systems for more accurate reporting and analysis.

      Business Intelligence

      Get the right information to anyone who needs it. Integrate and discover data on your own. Create and share interactive reports. Spark your curiosity with easy-to-use analytics. And monitor key metrics so when something goes awry, you'll know why – and what to do about it. Bring the ``where`` dimension into the spotlight. Self Service Business Intelligence Software allows you to Discover Trends, Track KPIs and Visualize data, Connect to multiple data sources, create and schedule reports, set alerts and run predictive analytics with drag and drop GUI.

      Create a Digital Transformation for your Business

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